Composer, arranger, Yan plays in several musical formations, he has devised many artistic projects.
  • Soloist
    The chance for you to listen to the boha, the bagpipe from the Landes, in its purest expression and also at its most exacting.
    Yan Cozian is well-known as a specialist of the bagpipe from the Landes, Over the years his passion for this instrument has led him to become a musician, a researcher, a person who hands down the traditions.

    International meetings of Maître Sonneurs of Saint Chartier, inter-Celtic festival of Lorient, Cassel with bagpipes, the Meeting of bagpipes in L`iIe de France, the festival of Pipasso, and various festivals in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Slovakia…

  • Passaires
    Swing music to make Gascony move.
    Gascony swing music, dynamic and current which seems to float on the stage when the musicians of PassAires let resound scottishs, mazurkas, rondos and polkas.

    All the energy of the popular music and the traditional Occitan songs sweeps out towards the spectators, who just can’t stop themselves from living it with their feet and their whole body.

  • Dancem
    Dancem : an invitation to dance.
    The ball at the Pipasso festival at Flixecourt

  • Boha banda
    A collective of bohaires
    As soon as the bohas and the bagpipes from the landes get together they ring out the repertory of the music from the Landes of Gascony. Polyphony and dance come together in a sharing and a harmony of never-ending fun.

  • Artistic direction